15/12/2011 23:59, Report by Communications Dept.

Reds top carbon reduction league

Manchester United recently celebrated coming top of the league after being ranked in joint first place of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) table.

The CRC performance league table rewards companies for their efforts in reducing energy and carbon consumption – with United as a frontrunner in this field. The Club is thrilled to have topped the table with a score of 100 per cent. This was achieved through hard work and energy saving commitments over several years.

United became the 250th organisation to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard which demonstrated the positive commitment to continue to become an environmentally-responsible football club and company. The Carbon Trust Standard has become one of the most recognised and prestigious environmental and carbon accreditation schemes in the UK, only rewarding organisations that achieve target reductions by taking responsibility of their own emissions. It requires year-on-year carbon savings together with an assessable carbon reduction strategy.

The Carbon Trust Standard auditor stated that "the Manchester United Carbon Trust Standard Portfolio was the best [he had] received from any client" and a "model carbon reduction strategy."

Manchester United is currently in the process of reviewing the latest technology in renewable energy and hopes to make further ambitious energy savings in the near future.

To read more on the club's Environmental and Energy policies, click here


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