24/05/2011 13:21,

Wembley car parking details

United have issued important travel information for fans attending the Champions League final on 28 May.

Many United fans will be familiar with the new Wembley Stadium, having visited it a number of times since its first game in the 2007 FA Cup final. You will undoubtedly have found a favourite, convenient car park or place to park in a coach that you have taken to the ground.

The Champions League final is at Wembley – but please do not be lulled into thinking that the parking arrangements will be the same as for FA Cup games, Carling Cup finals and Community Shields.

There will be absolutely no parking whatsoever for cars in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. 

Please note that only coaches in possession of an official parking pass issued by Manchester United will be allowed to park near to the stadium.


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