Trophy Tour of Latin America:

10 October: Guadalajara, Mexico
11 October: Pachuca, Mexico
13 October: Mexico City, Mexico
18-19 October: Quito, Ecuador
20-21 October: Sao Paulo, Brazil
22-23 Oct: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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11/10/2011 12:54, Report by Tom Marshall
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Trophy in Javier's town

Manchester United's Champions Trophy Tour arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico on Monday, with fans in Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez's home town thrilled to see the Barclays Premier League silverware.

Fans started to gather in the early afternoon at a Nike store in the city and the excitement built as more people arrived.

One fan - Carlos, aged 20 - was wearing a United shirt signed by various players. He told, "It was an emotional experience lifting the trophy, I couldn't believe it."

Betty Brown, a young Mexican of Scottish descent who has supported United all her life, gave the silverware a quick kiss before lifting it. "My dream is to one day go to Old Trafford," said Betty.

Like a lot of people in Mexico, Betty watches every United match, even if that means getting up at 06:30 in the morning, and cites Eric Cantona as her favourite player of all time with Ryan Giggs as her current favourite.

Marco had sneaked out of work early to get a peek at the trophy and even gave us a rendition of some United terrace chants.

"I'm 100 per cent dedicated to United," declared Marco.

Local press from Guadalajara showed up and were keen to interview Jim Turner, whose job it is to look after the trophy and keep it with him at all times. He calls it his "baby".

"The trophy comes onto the plane with me and has its own seat next to me," explained Turner. "It sleeps with me, goes into my bedroom and it stays with me everywhere."

After a couple of hours at the Nike store, Turner and his colleagues from Old Trafford took the trophy to the colonial heart of Guadalajara and stopped in front of the cathedral for a further photo opportunity.

Intrigued fans soon gathered round and took turns in getting a photo. Of course, Guadalajara is where Chicharito was born and bred and learned the skills that are serving him so well at United. The striker is wildly popular in these parts.

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