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11/12/2012 10:43, Report by Mark Froggatt

Sir Alex meets Welsh troops

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson recently took time out to present British soldiers with well-deserved service medals at Chester Racecourse.

The boss greeted troops from the Royal Welsh 1st Battalion after they had marched through the city centre to celebrate a safe return from Afghanistan following a six-month tour. After chatting to several soldiers, Sir Alex thanked the Battalion for their continued heroism in the line of fire.

“Every time the troops go out there we pray for them," the boss explained. “We will remember the ones who don't make it home most of all.

“It was an absolute privilege for me to be there and I want to thank them all for the service they’ve given our country. Without them, Great Britain wouldn’t be Great Britain.

“I want to give them some encouragement that we all depend on them. I think we all owe the Armed Forces a debt. There’s a fantastic feel for all the troops from the whole of Britain.”

Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Webb MC, said marching through Chester city centre and meeting Sir Alex was a special honour for all of the troops on show. 

“We have had so much support from the communities around Wales and Chester while we’ve been away and the soldiers are so grateful for that.

“I’m so grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for taking the time out and presenting medals. It makes the day all that more special.”

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