He's done it for the Reds many times, now it’s time for @Waynerooney to do it for his country...

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18/06/2012 17:00, Report by A Bostock, M Shaw

Video: Rooney's ready

Nike's new TV commercial suggests Ukraine could have their hands full when a focused Wayne Rooney takes part in his first Euro 2012 match for England.

The Manchester United striker was suspended for the Group D games against France (1-1) and Sweden (3-2) but he watched both fixtures from the sidelines as a passionate fan.

Now he's free to take that passion onto the pitch. As he said himself in a pre-match press conference, "I've been looking forward to it and now I'm available to play I'm excited."

Rooney also spoke about a visualisation technique he uses to get him mentally ready for a game. "I've always asked the kit men what colour kit we're wearing and what colour the opponents are wearing then visualised scoring goals or good things happening in the game. I always do it before every game to get good thoughts and good moments happening in my head to help me. I do it the night before a game when I'm in bed."

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