"I played in another charity match at Old Trafford a long time ago and it’s certainly an amazing place to play football."

- Mark Owen, England Soccer Aid XI

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25/05/2012 10:35, Report by Gemma Thompson

Soccer Aid: Owen excited

Take That star Mark Owen tells he's determined to make a winning Soccer Aid debut at Old Trafford on Sunday evening...

We’ve heard you’re a decent player - what experience do you have?
It was always my dream to be a footballer when I was a kid and I actually had a trial at United. I used to play for Hollinwood FC youth team and Brian Kidd came to watch a few of us and invited us to play a game at The Cliff against United’s youth team. I remember Giggsy was playing and so was Darren Ferguson. It was a brilliant game of football and very close… er, they beat us 11-1 - needless to say none of us made with United!

What position do you play?
I’m usually in midfield or up front; I used to see myself as a bit of a Peter Beardsley. My biggest inspiration has always been Diego Maradona and I’m probably a bit of a flair player, although I can get stuck in when I need to. I’ve never really been a prolific goalscorer – that’s what has let me down. I’m much better at setting goals up rather than scoring them – you can put me down as England’s playmaker!

How will playing at Old Trafford compare to playing a concert with Take That?
It’ll be a bit heavier on the legs! I played in another charity match at United a long time ago and it’s certainly an amazing place to play football. I also played with Bryan Robson in a charity event - he was our captain and we actually won the tournament. I’ve been taught by the best so hopefully I won’t make a complete fool of myself at Soccer Aid!

Soccer Aid - England vs Rest of the World at Old Trafford - kicks off at 20:00 BST on Sunday 27 May. Tickets priced from £5 for under 16s and from £20 for adults can be purchased online at


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