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Obituary: Kenny Morgans

Kenny Morgans made only 23 first-team appearances for Manchester United before fading from the Old Trafford scene to play for Swansea and Newport County. But to dismiss this cheery, likeable Welshman as a player who failed to make an impact is to do him a terrible injustice.

Kenny was, of course, involved in the Munich air crash. Compared with some of his team-mates, he escaped lightly. There were high hopes that he would return to action and fulfill the rich promise he was showing before the fateful flight home from Belgrade and the accident en route at Munich.

Sadly it never really happened. Kenny got back into the team a month after the crash and played a handful of games but although United tried to help him, he wasn’t the player of old. The trauma of an experience like the Munich tragedy can be equally as harsh as a physical injury and it seems that young Kenny was just as much a casualty in football terms as the colleagues who were more obviously injured.

Certainly there was no doubting Kenny’s natural talent when he arrived in Manchester as an outstanding Welsh schoolboy international. He prospered in United’s junior teams, playing in the FA Youth Cup-winning teams of 1956 and 1957. He was so good that he captained the side in his second

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Kenny's United career

Debut: 21/12/1957 vs Leicester City (H)

League: 17 appearances
FA Cup: 2 appearances
European Cup: 4 appearances

Total: 23 appearances, 0 goals


Premier League