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Obituary: Kenny Morgans

Kenny later explained in an interview: “I was homesick and couldn’t really settle back into it in Manchester so the move back to my home town suited me. I was there two years and then retired, but Billy Lucas, the former Wales wing-half, said I was too young to retire and took me to Newport which I enjoyed for three seasons.

“Then I had a couple of years as manager of Cwmbran in Pontypool and took them up into the Welsh League. I also had a pub, The New Inn. After that I really did retire from football and went back to Swansea where I had a job as a ship’s chandler at the port until I reached retirement age. I enjoyed that, too.”

Football dealt Kenny Morgans a cruel blow as a young man but there was no bitterness in him. It would appear that a happy and fulfilling family life – he was married to Stephanie and was playing football in the park with his great grandsons into his 70s – more than made up for a United career undoubtedly curtailed by Munich.

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Kenny's United career

Debut: 21/12/1957 vs Leicester City (H)

League: 17 appearances
FA Cup: 2 appearances
European Cup: 4 appearances

Total: 23 appearances, 0 goals


Premier League