12/09/2012 20:26, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Dream trip for Bulgarians

A selection of Bulgarian youngsters recently spent two special days in Manchester, where they trained under the guidance of Manchester United Soccer School coaches as part of a football camp organized by GLOBUL.

Children from Varna Secondary School and underprivileged teenagers from The Team of Hope, a Bulgarian homeless side, enjoyed some training sessions at Carrington before enjoying the Old Trafford stadium and museum tour.

During the camp, the group of 27 played several friendly matches against local teams from Stockport and Manchester, as well as a series of games against a group of English Homeless World Cup trialists. Impressively, the Bulgarians won every single tie.

GLOBUL Corporate Affairs Director, Yassen Guev, said: “I would like to congratulate these talented young players with the successful completion of the training camp we organised together with Manchester United.

“I hope that this experience will remain unforgettable for them and I believe that the lessons they learned here will contribute to their development as players and individuals. I sincerely wish them success in the future.”

Varna coach Kaloyan Georgiev said: “I would like to thank GLOBUL for organising this visit to Manchester, which is a dream come true for the children. As a coach, I am glad that the boys performed well, confirming that we are working in the right direction.”

Team of Hope coach Metodi Zdravkov said: “I am very grateful to GLOBUL for this unique opportunity to experience the magic called Manchester United. This experience and the skills that we gained are extremely useful for both the players and us coaches.”

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