14/09/2012 18:30, Report by Communications Dept.
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Yanmar on board with Reds

Manchester United has announced a three-year global partnership with Yanmar, Japan’s leading engineering company, which contributes to the ground, ocean, and urban environment with its state-of-the-art engine technologies.

Yanmar is one of the world’s leading engine manufacturing companies: it has a greater than 60% share in the world’s sail-boat engine market and produces more than half of all small-size diesel engines for construction machinery.

Through innovation and support, Yanmar remains committed to nurturing talented individuals across many sectors, ranging from engineers to athletes.

As one of the club’s official global partners, Yanmar hopes to extend its long-standing association with Japanese football to the UK and other global markets.

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility policy, it has long-established links with the world’s most popular sport, even going as far as establishing its own club in Japan, and has been active supporting talented young footballers in Asia.

Takehito Yamaoka, chairman and president of Yanmar, said: "Since establishing its own team in Japan back in 1957, Yanmar has been championing the sporting ethos football creates, such as hard work, determination and excitement. Many of these traits are still the core values of Yanmar today.

"With Manchester United’s popularity and presence in Asia and the world, Yanmar is confident that this partnership will promote the company’s global presence and activities.

"Yanmar would like to extend its gratitude to Manchester United for the opportunity to be one of its official global partners and to align ourselves with the biggest club in the world."

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