25/04/2013 12:30,
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Reds agree gloops deal

"gloops is a market leader in what is still very much an emerging industry. They are at the forefront of social gaming’s development in Japan and we believe they can help the club deepen our engagement with many  of our four million followers in Japan. 

"This is a very important territory for us, which is one of the reasons we chose to visit Japan as part of our Tour 2013, and we are very pleased to be able to offer fans innovative digital content from gloops.

"We are delighted to see this partnership bring Manchester United closer to a greater number of people through the distribution of new games and joint corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. I know the Manchester United Foundation is keen to explore ways that it can work with gloops in this important area."

gloops president Shinsuke Kawakata comments:

"We are delighted to be launching our partnership with Manchester United, to create new game titles for the club’s millions of Japanese fans.

"As well as providing sports themed content to our 18 million users, gloops has also been an avid supporter of sports fans and athletes through our CSR programme, which was launched last year.

"Through our CSR programme we have already offered our local community tickets to baseball matches, as well as making donations to the TOMODACHI Project, a Japan-US initiative under the public and private sector partnership."

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