14/08/2013 08:30, Report by Communications Dept.
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United in global Bulova deal

stadium, including in the players' dressing room, at the club's Aon Training Complex and its offices in Manchester, London and Hong Kong.

Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold comments: "Although from very different industries, Bulova and Manchester United share many common values. Founded within years of each other, we have both grown to become global leaders in our fields and the first to achieve many new innovations and milestones. We are confident that the popularity, craftsmanship and accessibility of Bulova's products, combined with the club's ever-growing global fan base, will make this a successful partnership."

Bulova Corporation president Gregory Thumm comments: "Everything we do here at Bulova is based on preserving our 138-plus years of traditions. Innovation and thinking from the inside out are common traits of both Manchester United and Bulova Corporation, where we continuously strive to be the best in our respective fields. I believe that sharing these core values provides the chemistry for an amazing partnership between our two organisations."

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