06/02/2013 12:00, Report by Communications Dept.

The Reds' new training kit

It’s here! DHL, in partnership with Manchester United, have revealed their latest training kit.

The launch of the new training kit is based on the Manchester United journey from good to great. As such, DHL invited players to a unique photo shoot session in their new training kit at the Cliff, the Club's former training ground, where Manchester United's success story began.

The photo shoot gives a glimpse of where Manchester United started from and shows the hard working values of the club, values that have been part of Manchester United since the beginning.

By visiting you can explore the history of the training ground and discover how the club has risen from their ‘humble beginnings’. You can also get exclusive content from Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes and Danny Welbeck on why The Cliff means so much to them as well as the opportunity to enter exclusive competitions.

You can also view a gallery of images from the photo shoot session at the Cliff by clicking on the main image above.

The new training kit is available to purchase now, grab yours at

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