01/07/2013 08:00, Report by Communications Dept.
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United sign with True

launch Thailand’s 4G LTE commercial services. TrueMove H is one of Thailand’s most recognised brands and has won the Readers Digest Trusted Brand Award for several years.

Manchester United group managing director Richard Arnold comments:

"When considering our partners, the club likes to ensure the company in question shares many of the same attributes that have allowed us to grow into the world’s most recognised team. True is a company that demonstrated many admirable qualities, itself crediting courage and the ability to take on new challenges as the key to its success. 

"Since forming in 1990 it has continued to grow with the fast-paced telecommunications industry to become one of the best in its territory, proudly being the first to embrace many new technologies. Our new partnership is set to follow suit and provide our 20 million loyal and passionate Thai followers with exclusive content and footage, bringing them closer to the club they love."

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