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Trophy on local tour

trophy, Fred the Red just put his head around the corner to surprise us. I wasn’t meant to be here today as I don’t start chemotherapy again until next week, so it was lucky, in a way, that I was here!”

Meanwhile, young people who use the services of Francis House Hospice were invited to a special event. Many United fans were among those who attended, including 17 year-old Jessica Donohoe from Worsley. “It’s really good of United to come here,” said Jessica. “I’m a big fan and it’s a great opportunity.”

Jessica’s mother Janet added: “The partnership with United has given Francis House the opportunity to expand so that the children can have more breaks away from home. Usually they have about three or four weekends per year but that’s increasing because they’ve got more facilities available. Also, United’s high profile helps to raise the awareness of hospices like Francis House. I don’t think many people are that aware of hospices unless they have been directly involved with them.”

Reverend David Ireland, chief executive of Francis House, said: "We're very grateful for the support we receive from the Manchester United Foundation. There was real excitement when Fred the Red arrived and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience

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Trophy Tour gallery

Chris Heyes, a young out-patient at The Christie, meets Fred The Red and gets his hands on the Premier League trophy.

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