Bill Foulkes, 1932 - 2013

Born: 5 January 1932
Signed for United: 1 March 1950
United debut: v Liverpool, 13 December 1952
Appearances: 688 | Goals: 9

"He wanted to win all the time, but he was a quiet winner – never noisy. He was determined and a good leader because you followed his example. He was a great advert for Manchester United and for football."
- Wilf McGuinness

26/11/2013 14:01, Report by Tim Oscroft
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Wilf pays tribute to Bill

“Because he was a few years older than people like me and Bobby Charlton, we looked up to him. And he was worth looking up to, because he played it straight. There was no messing about, no frills, he was straight-forward and he was very difficult to play against.”

A rare goal from Bill, away at Real Madrid, put United into the European Cup final where at the age of 36 he turned in another rock-solid performance against opponents of the highest calibre.

Wilf adds: “When he did score it was a goal worth talking about. He didn’t often get into the opponents’ penalty area, but when he did it was dangerous for them. 

"The better the player, the stronger Bill’s performance. He never worried about who they had up front, he would just do his job. He was brilliant against Real Madrid and Benfica, he set a great example on those nights.

“He was unsung in many ways because he was quietly spoken, but when he did speak it was to the point – you knew where you stood with Bill. He could play against anybody, if it was the best centre forward in the world, that didn’t matter to Bill, he just played the same way. “

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