20/10/2013 21:45, Report by Tim Oscroft

Robbo salutes supporters

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson has been reflecting on his long and happy relationship with the club's supporters, a relationship that has spanned more than three decades.

The fans at Old Trafford took to the inspirational midfielder as soon as he arrived from West Bromwich Albion in 1981, and the feelings of admiration are mutual. Even though he has developed associations elsewhere since leaving United as a player in 1994, the former Reds skipper says the pull of the place explains why he's now back working for the club as a global ambassador.

"I had a great time here as a player and enjoyed real success on the pitch," Robson declared to, ahead of his Kilimanjaro Challenge.

"Manchester itself has always been a great city for me and my family too. I hear of players who, if they’re not having a good time on the pitch, get criticised on the street and maybe in restaurants and bars in their home towns. But United fans have always been different class with me so I’ve enjoyed living in the area.

"It’s great to be connected with the club again. The way the club has grown and built a reputation throughout the world means there is now an unbelievable fan base."

Bryan Robson is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise money for Manchester United Foundation. To sponsor him, please visit

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