08/10/2013 10:01, Report by Communications Dept
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Away ticket prices reduced

After consultation with the Fans’ Forum, the Club has decided to knock £4 off the price of every away ticket bought by a United fan, starting with the Fulham game on 2 November.

The decision comes as part of the £200,000 set aside by each Premier League club to encourage more fans to travel to away games.

The discount will be applied automatically by the Club when fans pay for their away tickets and any money that is not used this season will be used with next year’s £200,000 budget to continue the policy.

Your questions answered:

Will the full discount apply to children’s and seniors’ tickets? Yes.   

Will I get a £4 refund for the ticket I bought for the games already played this season? No. The Club wanted to discuss the matter with the Fans’ Forum before it decided how to spend the budget and refunds were considered but the administrative work involved in tracing and refunding individual payments of £4 to each of the travelling fans is prohibitive. The discount will apply to every away Premier League game from Fulham onwards and, if there is any money left over, that will be added to next year’s £200,000. 

Why not budget to use all the money this season? The amount used will depend on the allocations the Club receives for

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