29/09/2013 09:04, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Robson's charity challenge

There are easier challenges though, surely? 
There definitely are, but it’s a step up in difficulty and that’s why I’m doing it. John Shiels, Foundation chief executive, mentioned the Great Wall of China because that’s supposed to be quite tough but Kilimanjaro is harder due to the altitude. If I’m going to do one, I want a real challenge - though I might regret that statement when I’m halfway up, asking why I’m such an insane git!

Who are you leading up the mountain?
The team has 28 members. Kevin Moran is doing it with me and I’ve got a few of my family involved, plus several people from the club and some fans. They had to raise around £5,000 to take part in the trek, which is a real commitment. It just shows what people will do for charity, I think it’s incredible and I can’t wait to get started now.  

You’ve seen how the Foundation changes lives. Does that inspire you?
Yeah it does drive you on. All you have to do is go to a hospital to see how lucky you are to be fit and healthy, to have achieved what you have done, playing football and being healthy. There are loads of people within our country and throughout the world who still need help, so that’s where I find the motivation. Quite a few of the club’s partners have sponsored me too, so that makes it all worthwhile. It reminds you that you are doing it for the right reasons. 

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