20/01/2014 11:41, Report by S Bartram & T Oscroft
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Reds remember Sir Matt

Bryan Robson arrived at Old Trafford in 1981, a decade after Sir Matt retired, but he recalled how the legendary former manager was present in 1993 to see the Reds reclaim the crown of English champions.

“I knew Sir Matt really well because he and (daughter) Sheena would be there whenever I went to a mutual friend’s house for Sunday lunch and dinner parties. I got to know Sir Matt really well, so the relationship was beyond just meeting at matches.

“He was a great man who loved his football. A really nice bloke, but my lasting memory on the football side of things was that he witnessed us winning the title in 1992/93 after so many years. That period of time – 26 years – was far too long for Manchester United, a club like ours, to go without winning the title, and to see that smile he had up in the stands when we picked the trophy up, that was a great moment.”

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