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15/03/2014 18:04,
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What do you #PlayFor?

Chevrolet, we play for you.”

Chevrolet is using United's eagerly-awaited match against Liverpool on Sunday 16 March to globally launch “What Do You #PlayFor?”. Launch plans include asking the question on social media and sharing fans’ answers in words and images at

"From the beginning of our partnership nearly two years ago, Chevrolet has followed through on its pledge of bringing fans closer to our club and using football to do good around the world,” said Richard Arnold, Manchester United group managing director.

“Chevrolet’s ‘What Do You Play For?’ campaign will stimulate global discussion and engagement amongst Manchester United’s 659 million followers worldwide and create meaningful change around the world.”

Chevrolet and One World Futbol Project are collaborating to bring the power of play to children around the world by donating and distributing 1.5 million nearly indestructible footballs to organisations working in developing communities. According to One World Futbol Project, almost-indestructible footballs  have been delivered to more than 50 countries affecting the lives of an estimated 21 million children.

Chevrolet and Manchester United have also announced that club legends will be deployed this year to work with coaches and children in developing regions around the world. Chevrolet is currently working in Bandung, Indonesia, to revitalise the community’s pitch on behalf of Rumah Cemara, a local organisation that uses peer intervention and football to increase the quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and

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