Champions League Draw: Inter Milan v United

"It's going to be tough because Italian teams are technically always very good. They make it difficult for you to create chances and historically Italian defences have always been the best so they will be two interesting games."

- Ryan Giggs
19/12/2008 18:40, Report by Gemma Thompson in Yokohama
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Q&A: Inter test excites Giggs

Ryan Giggs talks exclusively to MUTV about the Champions League draw...

Firstly Ryan, how excited are you at the prospect of facing Inter Milan?
I'm really excited about it. You want to play against the best teams in the Champions League and Inter are certainly up there. They've won the Italian league in the last two seasons and we'll be up against Jose Mourinho again, so there's plenty to look forward to.

The tie will see Sir Alex come face-to-face with Jose Mourinho once more...
I think there'll be a lot of hype around the tie and the fact that the two managers are facing each other again. They're both big characters and we've certainly had our tussles with Jose over the years. Hopefully we'll come out on top this time.

What type of challenge will face you against Inter?
It'll be tough. Italian teams are technically very good. Historically their defences have been the best, making it difficult to create chances.

What are your memories of playing at the San Siro?
We've got good and bad memories of playing there, but hopefully this time round we'll have more good memories. We're there first before we take them back to Old Trafford and we

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