04/12/2008 09:43, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Q&A: Sheasy hails youth

Yes it's close, but you know that in order to get there you have to put in some hard graft. It’s not as easy as people think because we’ve got a two-legged semi-final to play and they’re always tough games. You’ve just got to believe in yourselves.

For the remainder of the competition, would you like the manager to stick with the lads who have played so far?
The side he picks will probably depend on who we’re playing, what other games there are and the situation at the time. But he’s one of the best at making those decisions and whatever he decides will be backed by the players.

December is a busy month for United with games coming thick and fast…
Yeah it’s going to be a busy period and the whole squad will be needed. It’s a tricky situation for the manager because he wants to keep the freshness in the team particularly when the games are so vital. We’ve got the trip to Japan as well, but it’s something we’ve known about all along and we’ve just got to deal with it. Hopefully we all come back fit and healthy and with the trophy.

You’ve said that you’d like a regular place to hold down but being so versatile means that you keep playing - are you still happy with that?
Being in the team is the be all and end all. It doesn’t matter where you play, you just have to make sure you do your job. I want to play as many games as I can, keep doing well and help the team win trophies.

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