13/02/2008 17:05, Report by Adam Bostock
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Giggs interview

How will you top 2007, a year crammed with personal achievements?

It will be difficult! I’ve always said the real test is when you’ve got to defend a title. A lot of players in the team were hungry last season to win their first title. I remember feeling that the year we won it in 1993 but the test was the year after, keeping that up. Everyone wants to beat you anyway because you’re Manchester United but even more so because the champions are coming to town. That’s the test and it’s a big one for me personally and for the team. It was a big year for me last year and I just hope I can top it by winning more and enjoying my football which I’ve probably done more than ever in these last two or three years.

Do you still enjoy training, even on a wet and wild day at Carrington?

Yes, I do. Especially when I’ve had a couple of days off in the house with the kids… I want to get out and train again! (laughs) I still enjoy training, no matter what the weather.

Does the manager also still have the hunger for the daily grind on the training ground and if so, does his enthusiasm help to spur you on?

He does still have the hunger. Yes, he has other interests like horse racing but come training, or come the matchday, he’s as prepared and as hungry as ever. He’s the example for us to follow – he’s been there for so long and yet he maintains that desire to improve every day and to enjoy it every day. I try to do the same.

Do you feel there’s more pressure in football these days than there was when you started your career?

There’s probably more pressure on managers - you see that with the eight managers who’ve been sacked or left their clubs

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