15/07/2008 10:14, Report by Steve Bartram and Ben Hibbs
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Dawn of a new era for Ole

Football may have just emerged from its summer hiatus, but for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer there's been little rest. A new role as United Reserves manager, coaching courses at Lilleshall, the birth of his third child - Elijah - and further planning towards his testimonial in August...

I take it you could call the last few weeks ‘hectic’?
[Puffs his cheeks] A little! I had a coaching course at Lilleshall, got the Reserves job, had a baby… so it’s quite busy at the moment. I might get one Friday night off, if Di Law (from Ole’s testimonial committee) lets me! I’m not complaining. I wanted the coaching course, the Reserves job, this testimonial – and, of course, the baby – so you have to be prepared to work for them.

Are you looking forward to your testimonial?
The thing I’m thinking about most is whether I’m going to last and do myself justice on the pitch. I’m a bit worried about that, but it’ll be a good day for my family. I’ve spoken to Roy [Keane] about his testimonial and he said it’s a great family day, so from that aspect I can’t wait.

How is your knee these days?
Not good! It’ll be OK for 20 minutes with a little bit of help. But I’ve not played football since I’ve retired, so it’s hard keeping fit. You have to be on the bike every day, which is not the most exciting thing to do, and it’s hard work. Not being able to play football is something you come to terms with gradually, though, and I’m lucky to have a job at such a great club to get me through it.

You’ve got genuine hero status among United fans, are you looking forward to saying goodbye, as a player at least?
That’s the main thing that I’m looking forward to, and I hope everyone has a good day. I’d like to think everyone will have a day they can remember, particularly with the Premier League and Champions League trophies being there. I’ve been part of testimonials before and they’ve all been great occasions – hopefully this won’t be any different. Don’t forget, the fans have

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