12/11/2008 09:54, Report by Steve Bartram
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Q&A: Danny Welbeck

There’s a lot of expectation for you within the club – do you feel any pressure?
Not really. I don’t take too much notice of all that. I just play my own game and work towards justifying all their hopes. If I can keep doing that, hopefully I’ll make a breakthrough.

Sir Alex has intimated that he’ll blood a few youngsters in the Carling Cup again this season – are all the young lads raring for a game?
Definitely, we all are. There are some great players in the Reserves this year. Tom Cleverley and Danny Drinkwater have come on massively this season, and they are probably ready to step up as well.

Last year United’s youngsters were shocked by Coventry. What are your memories of watching the game?
I was sat in the stand and I couldn’t understand why we weren’t winning, or at least doing better, since we had so many good players. When we lost, I remember thinking, “I’ve got to try my hardest to get to this stage next year.” Luckily I’ve managed to do it. Now I’m setting new goals and I’ll be aiming to reach them too.

The young lads will all look to capitalise on any first-team openings – could you go all the way to Wembley?
Anything can happen in football. When we youngsters get together and play, we’re always raring to go. We want to get in people’s faces and, if we play together, I think it would be a really good combination and we can do really well. So, you never know.

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