17/10/2008 06:07, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Giggs sets target

badges in recent seasons. Has that helped your game at all?
It’s more that it helps me understand what we’re doing in training and what we’re trying to achieve. You understand that much quicker. When you’re a player it’s easy to turn up and train without actually thinking about what you’re trying to achieve. Doing my coaching badges has helped me realise those aims.
With no more international weekends this year, is the focus now on a solid run of results at club level?
Definitely. Once this international break is out of the way, you get the squad together for a long period of time and that’s a really important period of the season for us. That’s when we look to push on because, come Christmas, you want to be right up there. That gives you the platform for the New Year.

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