09/04/2009 08:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Wayne's world

In this month's Inside United magazine, there are interviews with Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand. Here's what Wayne had to say...

One of the big factors in United’s success in recent seasons has been the team’s form at Old Trafford. What is it about the ground that gives United such a big advantage?
When you’re playing at Old Trafford you have 70-odd thousand people behind you and that generates a special atmosphere. Also, the way we play is different to anybody else in the league – we like to attack teams at Old Trafford and we’ll keep attacking teams until we break them down. We’re also used to the big pitch and that favours attacking teams. If you want to spend most of the game defending then ideally you’ll be playing on a small pitch so you can keep the game compact; a lot of teams find it hard to contain us at Old Trafford.

Which Old Trafford atmospheres stick in your mind?
I always remember the day we beat Chelsea 1-0 back in November 2005. At the time, Chelsea were really gathering momentum. Jose Mourinho and Roman Abramovich had come to the club and shaken things up a bit. Chelsea had signed some good players and spent a lot of money and their league position reflected that. But I remember walking out of the tunnel and hearing our fans and thinking they were really up for it. It was an amazing atmosphere and it helped make for a great day.

So fans really can have an impact on what happens on the pitch?
They definitely play their part. When the fans are right behind you and you can hear them singing and hear how passionate they are, it really lifts you. It sounds silly but when the fans are up for it you feel like you can run faster and further. They inspire you to do things you might not have thought you could do. Away from home our fans are always brilliant. I’ve never known United fans not to take up a full allocation in the away end and they sing non-stop throughout the game. It’s unbelievable and it looks like a mad experience. Sometimes you wish you were in there with them, singing all the

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