16/12/2009 14:40, Report by Ben Ashby
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England suits Obertan

United have a tradition of wingers – are you an out-and-out winger?
I think for now I am a true winger. But maybe in the future I could play forward or striker. I like one-v-one – I’m quick and I like to run in behind defenders and create opportunities.

When teams put a lot of people behind the ball, does that make the winger’s job even more important?
Yes. I think wingers are very important in modern football. In the game against Besiktas [at OT in late November] it was quite difficult because all the players were like defenders. I think the winger’s role is important in that type of game.

You've already built up a good rapport with the fans...
I’m very pleased by the way they have supported me. When I hear them singing my name, the only thing I want to do is give them something back. It’s like a big boost behind you, like someone pushing you on to make that pass or score that goal. It’s inspiring.

You usually switch wings during the game. Is that something you’ve been told to do, or does it come naturally?
I just do it. If I have an opportunity to be efficient or help someone, I’ll do it. As long as the other winger wants to, I like to test the other full-back.

Will we see a first United goal soon?
I hope so! I think it’s possible. I had chances against Blackburn. I just have to work more on my finishing. I’m confident it will come though.

How will you celebrate when it does come?
Maybe with Pat. Yeah, I’ll do something with Pat.

What is it like training with the great players at United?
Very different than in France, because the quality is much higher and you have to adapt yourself to that. The game’s quicker, the passes are always good, so there’s no excuse or reason to complain. You just have to adapt yourself and be focused.

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