03/12/2009 10:05, Report by Steve Bartram
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Welbeck reaching for the top

What’s the deal with the Usain Bolt celebration?
[Laughs] Some of us younger players got together during the summer and at some point I did a Usain Bolt pose for whatever reason, and Cameron Stewart said: “You should do that when you score.” I just laughed it off, then he bet me I wouldn’t. So I did! It’s an improvement on my celebration against Stoke though. I don’t know what happened there – it’s like I blacked out! I just got nervous and did this little dance. I got quite a bit of stick for that – and deservedly so.

You’ve linked up well with Michael Owen this year – what’s he like to play alongside?
Amazing. He is a world-class finisher. If he misses one opportunity he never hides, he’s always there to get himself in the right position for the next time. His movement off the ball is fantastic… it’s great to just watch him. I’ve been watching and learning. He doesn’t take many touches in the box, he catches the keeper off-guard with quickfire shots – just like he did for his goal at Barnsley. That’s stood out for me.

You’re a confident guy – do you believe that you can take the opportunities that you’re getting and become an integral part of the first team set-up?
Obviously I’m just working hard on my game, and I’m trying to become a regular squad member. At the moment that’s all I’m thinking about. I’m trying to improve my all-round game and I’ve still got time on my hands, I’ve only just turned 19, so I’m taking it step by step. Hopefully, though, one day I’ll be where you say.

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