26/02/2009 11:15, Report by Nick Coppack
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Possebon's Wembley dream

Young Brazilian midfielder Rodrigo Possebon has settled well at Old Trafford and, having played a big part in United's run to the Carling Cup final, would dearly love to cap it off with a Wembley appearance...

What would it mean to you to play at Wembley?
It would be amazing, a dream come true. It’s one of the best football stadiums in the world and has so much history. When I was young I always saw it on the television and I was lucky to go there with United for the Community Shield this season. I didn’t play on that day but it was a big moment for me and I’d love to play in the Carling Cup final.

That would be a great way to cap your first full season. How have you enjoyed your first 12 months at United?
It’s been great. I really love it here and I’ve improved a lot since I arrived. I’m getting used to the English football now – I admit it was a big challenge when I first arrived. In Brazil the football is slower; here it’s so fast! But I’m used to it now and it’s fantastic to play in England.

How have you improved since you arrived in England?
I can’t really pinpoint one aspect of my game. I just feel like a better all-round player since I joined United. You learn every single day at this club, whether it’s in training or in games. It’s easy to improve at United. There are so many players here who I look up to, but I’m not trying to copy anybody else. I want to play in my own way and develop my own style. All the midfielders have great talent and if I work closely alongside them then I’m bound to improve.

Have you been happy with your performances so far?
Yes, I’m happy. Each game I expect to play well and to correct the things I didn’t do well in the last game. That’s the challenge: to play better each game. It was disappointing to get injured against Middlesbrough (in the third round) because I was playing well at the time. But I’ve put that out of my mind now and I’m just looking to the future.

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