13/11/2009 13:58, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Get to know... Robbie Brady

Favourite other sports: I like boxing and I used to box a bit back home in Ireland. Davide [Petrucci] can box as well, but we’ve not had any scraps yet!
Music: I’ll listen to anything, as long as it’s not Heavy Metal or something like that.
Food: A lot of things! Nando’s is my favourite.
TV: I bought all the Prison Break DVDs recently. I’ve really enjoyed that but I’m nearly finished so I’ll have to find something else to take up my time.
Best mate at United: I’ve got two best mates, Conor Devlin and Scott Wootton.
Best trainer: Alberto [Massacci] is one of the new Italian lads and he puts it in every day, I’ve been impressed with him. Scott gives it his best every day too.
Worst: There are a few! Last year it was Conor, but he’s improved a lot. I’ll say Ravel Morrison. When he’s on his game he’s quality. But I reckon it’s just when he fancies it!
Best dressed: Reece Brown has some good gear, I’m sure a few people have said that.
Worst dressed: All the Italian lads like to think they’ve got style, but I think it’s only them that think so!

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