09/11/2009 12:00, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Ready to be a Red

to look for space around you or pick out a pass. Here, everything is in a rush, because if you don’t rush then you will be tackled and lose the ball.

You seem to have the right attributes to cope with that…
I’ve always liked English football. When I was in France I would watch English football every weekend. And I think you're right, for my qualities I believe this is the best league in Europe for me. I’m quite fast and I like to attack and be in one v one situations with defenders.

What was it like making your debut at Old Trafford? What was going through your mind as you were about to come on?
I felt proud to be here and glad to get my first real injury out of the way. Obviously I’d played in the Reserves and enjoyed playing against Barnsley in the cup, but stepping out at Old Trafford is something else because I’ve never played in a stadium like that before. I was so excited and just couldn’t wait to play and get on the pitch. It felt like the first step. I was a bit nervous at first, but after five minutes it felt like I’d been playing here for three years or something. The fans really get behind you and it’s a great sensation.

The fans have taken to you really quickly, chanting your name at matches…
I am very proud of that. It gives you a huge push when you are playing and you hear people singing your name. It’s like you have other forces behind you. It’s also made me feel very welcome here, and if I hear the fans singing my name I just want to give them something back by playing well and keep working hard for them.

And what do you hope to achieve at United?
At first I just want to be part of the squad, be in the group that travels to all the games, and get a few minutes in each game to begin with. Then, if I keep working hard and show what I can do, I have ambition. So, why not aim to be a regular in the team? I might need a year to achieve that, but I hope I can do it.

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