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Are you involved in the predictions league at Carrington?
Yeah, and I’m currently fourth bottom so that’s not going well for me (laughs). I started well last season, gradually got worse during the year and I’ve carried that on this year.

Your brother fancies himself as a Playstation whizz – can you dispute that claim?
No. Corry and I have always been total opposites in terms of computer games. He was this computer geek who would always beat me whenever I played, so we’d end up fighting or I’d break his Playstation controller! It’s not my scene.

What are your other interests?
I try to play a bit of golf, but I’m useless at that too! As footballers we’re meant to be good at golf, but we just pretend we are. People like John O’Shea and Wayne Rooney talk good games, but I’ve not seen evidence on the course to back it up.

30/08/2010 08:03, Report by Steve Bartram
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Evans eyes goal rush

Jonny Evans underlines the importance of Nemanja Vidic’s new contract and says he expects the goals to flow this season...

How important is it for United to make a strong start?
Last season we were chasing for a long time, but you have to look at our results at the end of the season as ones that proved costly. Chelsea at home and Blackburn away are the games that stick in our minds as the ones that cost us the title. We’re probably renowned for not getting off to good starts, and we’re three games in and two points behind. But things will always change, up and down, during the season.

There have been some hidings dished out so far this season; is someone going to take a hammering from United when everything clicks into place?
That’s something we’re aware of this year; that we should maybe score more goals and give some teams a good thrashing. That’s something we’ll look to do, but in terms of the big scorelines in the first two weeks of the season, I think a few teams were just caught unawares.

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