"For me now it’s starting at the bottom: the structure of the club. If you want to build a club, you’ve got to look at who has been successful, and the manager here has been the most successful."

Ole on his plans for Molde

Picture: Jon Martin Henriksen
18/12/2010 15:09, Report by Steve Bartram
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Ole: Back to Molde

In the concluding part of his farewell interview, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer outlines his plans for the future of Molde...

When were you first approached by Molde and how did you arrive at the decision to take the job?
I spoke to them through the year. During their season they struggled, so when they sacked the manager in the summer I didn’t want to do it and they had to get a caretaker. I met them in October and I didn’t say yes, I said no but I felt like it was right for me and my family. After that meeting I went home and discussed it with the family, and it turned out it was a more realistic possibility than we thought. It’s really important for me and Silje that we give our kids that chance to grow up as Norwegians as well. I’d spoken to loads of clubs – the manager says that you should always go and do the interviews because you never know; something might come out of it. He’s got friends who’ve had hundreds of job interviews but are still in the same job. I’ve spoken to a few clubs and this was the right thing, to be moving back home.

Was that quite a big conversation to have with Sir Alex?
It wasn’t very big because when I spoke to him and said that we were really missing home and that the timing was right for us – because we’ve had 14 and a half years here now – he thought the first step into management, in Norway, would be a good move.

How hectic was the day you signed for Molde?
I was looking forward to it in one way, to just go home and get it over with. I don’t really enjoy sitting and speaking to the press for two and a half hours, but it went well. It was important for me, Richard (Hartis) and Mark (Dempsey) to come across and speak to the Norwegian press, and for me to present them because I’m delighted I’ve got them with me. Dempsey has been in Norway for two years already. He was an under-16s coach and he’s fantastic, a teaching coach and I know the Norwegian players will love his approach to training. I’ve worked with Richard for three years as a coach and I just asked him if he’d be interested because we’ve got a good working relationship. I think his methods are very good and he’ll bring something to the keepers and the back four in relation to the keeper. I asked the Gaffer if it was ok for him to come

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