11/02/2010 00:02, Report by Steve Bartram
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Q&A: Cameron Stewart

United's trip to Wolfsburg in December saw surprise call-ups for Cameron Stewart, Oliver Gill, Magnus Eikrem, Matty James and Oliver Norwood. They didn't make it onto the field, but they returned wiser and hungrier. We caught up with Cameron to ask how the experience helped his burgeoning career…

How was the Wolfsburg trip?
It was great. Just being around the first team, training on the pitch and travelling with them wakes you up. It’s different travelling with the Reserves. Behaviour-wise it’s similar, but press and photographers were there, so it’s even more important to be smart and well behaved. But all the first team and staff made us feel really welcome, and we had a good laugh, too.

When did you find out you were going?
Two days beforehand. For about a week we’d joined in first-team training, then Ole told me, Matty, Magnus, Ollie Norwood and Ollie Gill while we were warming up on the bikes that we’d be travelling, so we’d need to get our things together. We flew over, trained and before the game the boss told us we might get on during the match, so we’d have to be ready and prepared, rather than looking around the stadium and enjoying it.

How did you find the difference in training?
It's a lot quicker. You don’t get away with little mistakes with players like Scholesy and Carrick around, they’re straight on to you. You’re surrounded by some of the best players in the world, so it was a lot quicker than we’re used to in training. After a while you pick up the pace; the fact we’d trained with them a bit in the run-up definitely helped.

Have you had more recognition at home since you got back?
The papers made a really big deal of us, especially Ollie Gill – they were convinced he was going to start and we were worrying whether we’d even make the bench! My Dad was telling me over the phone that we had our pictures in the papers with profiles. Back at home, for the first time I’ve had one or two people ask me if I had been on the bench in Germany. My

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