23/03/2010 08:00, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Fletch: It's in our hands

Darren Fletcher turned in another all-action performance against Liverpool on Sunday, from battling with Dirk Kuyt in midfield to creating Ji-sung Park's winner.

In this exclusive interview, the Scot speaks about midfield partners and staying on top...

The manager has opted to play you in a midfield three for a number of crucial games – are you pleased with how it’s worked?
It’s a formation we’ve played in Europe a few times over the last few years, and it’s one I enjoy. It’s always a pleasure to play in the same midfield as Paul Scholes – his ability to control a game is second to none, and I think he can carry on doing a job in the middle for the team for a number of years yet.

Sir Alex says we made need to win all our remaining league games. Is that how you see it?
That’s certainly the challenge that’s there for us, and we’ve got to rise to it. The league is in our own hands – if we win all our games we’ll be champions, and hopefully we can do that.

How does the experience of having been there and done it help; and is it something you consciously draw on?
I think it’s something that’s just there,

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Darren's addiction

One final question... do you switch off when you get home or are you a football addict?

"I’m a real addict! I buy pretty much every football magazine going, and always watch any game that’s on.

"I’ve been the same since I was a kid, and I think I’ll always be like that. I just love everything about the game and enjoy watching different players and other teams."


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