05/05/2010 09:08, Report by Ben Hibbs, Adam Bostock
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Q&A: Boss in reflective mood

With the curtain about to fall on another season, Reds boss Sir Alex Ferguson was in contemplative mood at United's end-of-season awards night at Old Trafford. In an interview with MUTV, he talked openly about how he thinks the title race will finally pan out, the form of award-winning striker Wayne Rooney, and his summer plans in the transfer market...

How were your nerves over the course of Sunday?
Okay really because we learned of the Liverpool result not long after we arrived at Sunderland’s stadium. All we needed to do was keep our cool and enjoy our game after that so it was quite an easy day for us really. We played very well and could have scored a few goals but the thing that impressed me was the players didn’t let the result get to them. There was no sign of despondency, their heads were up, they enjoyed themselves, they played the right way and I was pleased at that.

The title race is going right to the wire and when it’s done that in the past, you’ve won it three times…
Yes, we’ve had a few of these last day encounters over the years and we’ve been fortunate to win three of them. But we did lose one at West Ham.

I wasn’t going to mention that…
But it’s important to understand we have the experience of these things, winning and losing. So we’ve got to handle ourselves in the right way.

Do you look back at results and think, if only we’d got a draw or a win there?
I used to do it but you can torture yourself that way. For instance, if you think of Burnley away - we’d only just started the season and then we lost three points. We missed a penalty that day and if we’d scored it, we would probably have gone on to win the match or get a draw at least. That point could have made the difference, who knows? You go through the bad refereeing decision in the game at Chelsea and the one against them at Old Trafford. If you look at all these twists and turns, you can torture yourself. But there’s no point to it, it happens. We sometimes get breaks ourselves

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