10/11/2010 15:21, Report by Ben Ashby
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Bebe's first steps

about the deal. I was very happy at the time, I didn’t expect it. It was like a dream to me. Everybody dreams to come to Manchester United.

So you already knew something about the club?
[Smiles] Of course.

And quick was the process of arriving here?
Everything developed very quickly. I didn’t expect it – I’m sure no-one was expecting it. It was like a shock. I met Sir Alex in England the day after I signed for the club. He told me I had to learn English quickly and to go as fast as I could to the hairdresser and get my hair cut! It was like a joke – but I think he maybe meant it too.

What were your first impressions of Manchester United?
When I went to Old Trafford for the first time, I imagined myself playing on the pitch. I remember my first day of training. I could not believe it – I was sat inside the dressing room and looked around and saw so many famous players. I used to watch them on TV and now I was there with them. It was nerve-wracking… I think on my first day I wasn’t even able to train properly! I always thought I would reach a big club, but I never thought it would happen as quickly as this. But now that I am here I will do my very best to make the most of it. I want to play as well as I can, to develop and play. That is my ambition now.

Which players were the first to welcome you to the team?
Patrice Evra, Anderson, Nani, Chicharito – mainly it was those who speak more-or-less my language. I have been staying at Anderson’s house while I wait to move into my own apartment. Nani is giving me a lot of help too. We have the same origins in Cape Verde [Nani was born there, as were Bebe’s parents]. I go to his house, he teaches me some English and gives me a lot of support. I want to give my best and try to reach the same level as him.

And what do you remember about your debut against Scunthorpe?
I was on the bench and when the manager told me to warm up I was very excited because I thought I’d probably have a chance to play. I did so and I was very happy. The crowd were very close to the pitch, but that doesn’t make me nervous at all. It’s quite the opposite – it motivates me, because hearing the noise makes me want to play better.

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