18/11/2010 08:00, Report by G Thompson
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Smalling's a good sport

Inbetweeners. It’s one of the funniest things on TV.

What music do you like?
Usually R&B. I like Jay-Z and Kanye West, and Tinchy Stryder has done good stuff.

Who are you closest to in the squad?
I get on well with everyone, but I’ll say it’s probably Wes Brown, Kiko Macheda and Jonny Evans.

Who’s the toughest player to face in training?
I’d say Nani. He’s not the biggest, but he’s strong on the ball and quick – two qualities centre-backs hate.

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A Red all-rounder

"I like golf, although I’m not as good as some of the boys here. I’m a big tennis fan, too. I went to Wimbledon a few years ago and had a great day. I like table-tennis, too - there’s a competition between the lads and I’m ready for any challenger."

- Chris Smalling


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