12/09/2010 18:30, Report by Nick Coppack
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Ryan raring to go

There aren't too many footballers around with more experience than Ryan Giggs. In fact, only Paulo Maldini and Raul have made more Champions League appearances.

A Manchester United legend, Giggs is about to embark on his 20th European campaign and sat down with ManUtd.com to discuss Europe's premier club competition.

Like every team that comes to Old Trafford, Rangers will want to claim the ultimate scalp in football. Do you enjoy knowing everybody wants to beat you?
Yeah, it’s nice to know everybody wants to beat you. Sometimes you can lose sight of that a little. It’s only when you go 1-0 down away from home and the supporters are celebrating as if it’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened that you remember how much it means to people to beat Manchester United. Sometimes the fans even celebrate a draw against us as if it’s a win.

Fans were pleased with the draw, but the away games won’t be easy. Rangers and Valencia can be tough places to go and there’s a trip to Turkey...
The first time I played at Rangers it was ferocious. I remember it well and that sort of thing always makes it tough for visiting teams. I'm sure we'll encounter the same this season. I've played in Valencia, too, and the Mestalla is a great stadium and Valencia a top team. As for Bursaspor, we expect a similarly hostile reception to the ones we received at Besiktas and, before that, at Galatasary. They're fanatical over there. So I think we're going to come across some big atmospheres, but they're atmospheres I'm looking forward to.

Big atmospheres and European competition seem to go hand in hand...
Yeah, and to be fair we’ve seen our fair share at Old Trafford on so many occasions. The crowd can help carry us over the finishing line. It’s certainly not very nice when you’re an opposition player and you walk into a big atmosphere. It definitely affects you. Certain players thrive on it and love it, while others wilt and don’t perform as well as they should. It’s a very real factor.

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