"I like to be a player who makes others scared. When I have the ball I like to feel the confidence to go and do my skills and dribble at defenders."

- Nani

24/08/2011 09:25, Report by Steve Bartram
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Nani: I love scaring teams

It may seem like yesterday that he arrived as fresh-faced unknown from Sporting Lisbon, but Nani has now started his fifth season at Old Trafford. Revelling in the responsibility of being an established attacking weapon, the Portuguese trickster wants to keep terrorising defenders....

How excited are you about the new season?
We’re all very excited. It’s a good chance to improve and do more – much more - than last season. For me, last season was fantastic and this is a big chance to show I can do much more, that I’m a good player with a very strong mentality. I always work hard to be successful and I like to help my team so we can win titles as well.

Was last year your best campaign to date?
Yeah. It was my best year and I played more games as well. It was definitely my most consistent season. This year, I will do my best. If I am fit for every game, I am 100 percent sure I will do my best for my team.

How important was it for you to win last year’s players’ player of the season?
It was very important for me inside the dressing room, with my team-mates. It showed me that now everyone knows my position inside, on the team and how important they think I am in the team. It shows how much responsibility I have for the team and the club as well, and that’s making me more confident, making me happier, making me want more responsibility. Now I’m in the right position to do everything I wanted in the past.

There’s a buzz in the crowd whenever you get the ball now – does that also give you a big confidence boost?
Yeah. I think, for the players I play against, it’s always the same. In my first season, maybe two or three players didn’t know me.

Then they see me play and see skills and goals, and then in the next seasons they started to be more careful with me because they know what I can do. Now it’s always the same. As soon as I get the ball, two players [are on me] *slaps hands* and then I have to be clever and run away from them! I like it. I like to be a player who makes others scared. When I

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