31/01/2011 09:57, Report by Nick Coppack

Anderson... in 90 seconds

We grabbed United's bubbly Brazilian midfielder Anderson for a quick-fire question and answer session on a random selection of subjects...

So, Ando, what do you like to do away from football?
It’s important to relax, so I spend a lot of time on my PlayStation. I play mainly football games, but I like shooting ones, too. I also play cards, watch films and spend time with my friends.
Nani plays piano, Berba likes to draw… do you have a hidden talent?
Let me tell you that Nani isn’t very good on the piano. He’s hopeless! I didn’t know about Berba’s drawing… My talents? I’m good at video games. Does that count?
Coming from Brazil, you must like going to the beach. Where's the best sand and surf in the world?
Brazilian beaches are best, without a doubt. They’re so beautiful. I haven’t tried an English beach… it’s too cold to swim here.
We can’t help but notice your tattoos. Can you tell us about them?
The one on my right arm is all the places I’ve been to in the world. It’s not finished. The one on my left arm… oh, that was from when I was a stupid boy. I don’t know why I got that. I also have two small ones – on my wrist and my neck – dedicated to my mother and grandma.
What’s your favourite Manchester restaurant?
My house! I have amazing food at home. There’s also a nice place called Osteria. They do great Brazilian dishes – it’s not 100 per cent authentic, but it’s very close.
Your braids are part of your look, but would you ever consider cutting all your hair off?
No chance! Are you joking? My hair is my life, it’s so important to me. If you cut off my hair it’s like cutting out my heart or cutting off my legs. I’d cry for days and days. It’s been like this since I was 16.


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