09/01/2011 16:00, Report by Nick Coppack
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Owen on Liverpool

Before United's FA Cup tie against Liverpool we spoke exclusively with one-time Kop hero Michael Owen.

Before Sunday's game you'd already been involved in a United v Liverpool Cup tie. What do you remember of that game in 1999?
To be honest, not very much. The games I played for Liverpool at Old Trafford blend into one. Was it a header or a chip I scored that day? [UR: A header]. See, I think I've tried to forget it. All I remember is Solskjaer came off the bench and scored late on, which wasn't a very pleasant feeling.

Not your best FA Cup memory, then?
Ha! No. That would have to be when I won it with Liverpool and scored two goals in the final against Arsenal. And to win it the way we did – we were 1-0 down with about eight minutes to play – made it even better. It was one of those moments, a bit like scoring the winner in the Manchester derby last season, where the adrenaline takes over and everything goes blank.

What was coming to Old Trafford like as a Liverpool player?
For a while Liverpool were getting some good results against United and so often felt confident in those games, but it's like entering the lion's den when you walk out at Old Trafford. Everybody's against you. It's a very tough place to go.

You've not been involved much in recent months, but what have you made of United's performances?
We've played really well at times and then not so well on other occasions. We went on a long unbeaten run, which was great, and now we don't want to lose any more games. It's true we got to the top of the Premier League table without playing our best football, but you can't play well every game. In the last month or so, we've put in a few really nice performances. What strikes me is that this team has so much experience and knows how to win. Playing attractive football is great but it's also important to be effective and grind out results.

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