19/07/2011 06:54, Report by Nick Coppack in Seattle
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Duo out to impress boss

ManUtd.com's Nick Coppack sat down with young guns Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck in Seattle to discuss their first-team prospects this year...

How did last season go for you? You both had successful loan spells...
Tom Cleverley: It's good experience for us both. It was very good as we must have played the best part of 60 games between us and scored 10 goals between us as well, so it was an interesting season. It'll definitely help us going into this year.

How different is it being out on loan compared to being at United?
Danny Welbeck: Last season, if we'd stayed at United, I don't think we'd have had as many appearances as we'd have liked. We went to Sunderland and Wigan and fought our way into the team and, overall, it was a good season for us both.

When you're a young player breaking through, is securing a loan spell seen as a positive? Is there a realisation at that stage of your career that you have to leave Manchester United temporarily to progress?
TC: Definitely. It's a big conveyor belt now and every young player at a top-four club has got to go through it. You've got to be a special talent to walk straight into the first-team. Just look at Jack Wilshere: even he did his time out on loan and that's just the basic progression.

How much did you enjoy the Under-21 European Championship and how much did you learn from it?
DW: Obviously it was a good tournament to go to for experience but I think the way we performed as a team, everyone was a bit disappointed with that. We've seen the quality we can produce in training and it really didn't come out on the pitch. Everyone is a bit gutted by that. I think we've got to take a new mentality to these tournaments, just go out and be creative and just play our normal game. That's probably how we're going to beat these teams.

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