09/03/2011 11:52, Report by Nick Coppack
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Rio: We'll give our all

Rio Ferdinand explains why he believes the Reds' qualities will shine through in the title run-in...

You spoke to Inside United when you were gearing up for last season's title run-in. After that campaign ended in disappointment, what lessons did you learn?
Well, we were only one point off winning the league, so I don’t think we did an awful lot wrong. We just lost one or two silly games along the way, then we lost a home game against Chelsea that we didn’t deserve to lose. If we’d won that game we would have won the league. Every season – whether you win or lose – you can take something from your performances, though. Last season I don’t think we played particularly well and we weren’t consistent enough. This season we’re still not playing particularly well, but we’ve found consistency in the unbeaten run we went on. That bred confidence throughout the team. We knew we had a lot of resilience in the squad, and we always knew that if we clicked into gear during a match then we’d dispose of teams easily.

United have suffered a few defeats recently. How do you react to losing matches?
I hate it. I used to cry as a kid if I lost. I remember playing in a Metropolitan Police five-a-side tournament, and my dad had to pull me aside and have a word with me because I was shouting at all my team-mates after a loss. I even made one of them cry because I told him he wasn’t trying hard enough! It’s just the way I am. I’m the same when I’m messing about on a computer game: I always want to win and I’ve always been like that. When that feeling leaves me it’ll be time to hang up my boots.

Could you ever make Vida cry?
[Laughs] Yeah, I think so, although he doesn’t like losing either. He’s one of the players who, even at training, wants to win every time. We’re always arguing in the dressing room at Carrington after small-sided games, analysing where things went wrong and why we haven’t won.

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