"You never stop learning in life and it's the same in football."
- Edwin van der Sar

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07/05/2011 17:11
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Edwin: We've got the right mix

If cool heads are what you need in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of a run-in, United are well served. Few people radiate a sense of calm like Edwin van der Sar.

United's vastly experienced goalkeeper spreads reassurance among team-mates and fans, who know the Dutchman has safe hands, great feet and a history of hardly ever making a mistake. And, as the season reaches its climax, it's clear he's not taking anything for granted or looking too far ahead.

Is this when the football cliche of 'taking one game at a time' really comes into its own?
At this stage of the season, it is all about staying focused on the next game and not looking too far ahead. We've got good experience in the squad and we're in a great position, but I don't like to say too much about what we could achieve because it hasn't happened yet. It's an exciting time, but you can't take anything for granted.

With all your experience, there can't be much that will happen between now and the end of May that you haven't seen before...
You never stop learning in life and it's the same in football. It's not just during the games - even in training, you're always learning. That's very important because every time you step out onto the pitch, you have to be on your toes and be ready for all the things that can happen.

How do you judge the blend of the squad going into these final few games?
There's a good mix of youth and experience in our squad. On one hand, you have a young player who brings maybe enthusiasm and fresh legs and, on the other, you have the experienced guys who have the knowledge of the game and the composure in important situations.

How much attention do you pay to other teams' efforts during the run-in?
It's important to stay focused on ourselves but you always keep an eye on your rivals as well. I think it's important to know what other teams are doing and to see how they play when they're in winning and losing positions.

What is the overall mood in the camp?
Everyone in the squad feels good and is ready for the challenges ahead. At this

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