"Speculation is something that’s part and parcel of being a United player. I don’t think the way the team’s been playing has changed dramatically."

- Darren Fletcher

22/11/2011 10:57, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Fletch: United is my home

things moving forward because they have to. This club never stands still.

What do you make of Barcelona president Sandro Rosell’s recent suggestion about dropping the number of domestic games to play more Champions League games at weekends?
I don’t think it will happen. The set-up we have now works perfectly. Everyone loves the Premier League and when the Champions League comes around it’s always special. I think we already have exactly the right mix and blend.

Having missed out on playing in three Champions League finals, how big is your desire to win the competition?
Playing in a final is still a goal that’s there for me. As a team we’re all desperate to get there again, I don’t think I’m particularly different from the rest in that sense. Some of the lads who have played in the last two are no doubt driven by their disappointment. The motivation is there for all of us and hopefully we can get there again.

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