"In some ways I’m still getting used to wearing this shirt and being around these incredible players, seeing my name on a Manchester United teamsheet... it’s amazing. Some days I wake up and I just can’t believe it." – Javier Hernandez

13/11/2011 12:09, Report by Nick Coppack
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Chicha: Life is amazing

the last man. To be honest I don’t mind how I score goals – whether or not you score from one metre or from the halfway line, it counts the same. A goal is a goal.

You’ve been a very busy footballer in the last few seasons, playing in summer international tournaments as well as the regular season. Do you ever worry about doing too much, or are you happy you get enough rest?
No, not at all. I love to play football. If somebody wants me to play in outer space then I’ll do it! I’d be happy to. Sometimes you can look at the schedule for Manchester United and for the national team and think, “Wow, this is a lot.” But I grew up wanting to play football and now I’m lucky it’s my job. I love it.

Sometimes players from the warmer countries can’t get used to the climate in England. Are you ready for your second Manchester winter?
It was very different! Very cold. I’d never seen a winter like that anywhere. It was the coldest one for many years. And maybe it felt even colder for me because I spent something like 22 winters in Mexico and a winter in Mexico isn’t like winter at all. It never snows! Training in the snow was a bit of a challenge, but it was all new to me so I enjoyed it.

Winning the 19th league title last season was a huge achievement for United. Can this squad lift the trophy again?
I’m sure we can do it. We have a lot of young players who are hungry to do well, and that helps inspire the rest of the squad. They may have been here for many years and won a lot of trophies, but they still have a lot of desire. I think we have a good mix of youth and experience, and that will be very important for us.

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