"The media can look at United and analyse it too much. Inside the club, they won't be worrying what people are saying and writing. The manager will have his say, the coaches will have their say and the players too. They will know what targets are what got to do and where to improve and I'm sure they will do that."

30/11/2011 14:04, Report by Adam Marshall
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Butt: Reds exit was hard

Former midfield star Nicky Butt gave United Review his thoughts on the Reds ...

How big a wrench was it to leave United?
It was the hardest thing I had to do in football as I'd been there since I was 12 years of age. But it came to a time when you're getting up to 30, it was just around the corner, and I wasn't playing a lot or as much as I wanted to or felt I should've been. I was going down the pecking order. Although I didn't really want to leave, I wanted to play football and didn't want to sit on the bench for three or four years and just fizzle out really. I wanted to have one more kick at it. I knew Newcastle were in for me and I was desperate to go there really. I'd played against them and I knew they were a great club with a great atmosphere so I was more than happy to go there.

It must be hard for all players to handle squad rotation..
It is difficult. To be fair, all my career I had good players in front of me - Scholes, Keaney, Veron - and we were all fighting for two spots in midfield. But, all my career, I used to get over 30 games every year. I played in all the big games as people were injured or we played three in midfield. I always played in the big semi-finals and finals and I loved every minute there. But it got to a point where I was getting a bit frustrated and wasn't myself. I wasn't getting angry but I was resenting people and I didn't want to end up being bitter and twisted. So I went to speak with the manager and he was great. He understood my position and understood the most important thing was the club and rightly so. It was a nervous thing to do, going to speak to the manager about leaving the club as I'd been there so long, but it was fine. He was brilliant and asked if I was sure what I wanted to do as he didn't want me to make any rash judgements. So he said think about it for a couple of days and, when I did that, my mind hadn't changed. I still wanted to play football.

Although it was the most difficult thing I had to do, I was happy to go to Newcastle.

How do United approach games that they're expected to win? 
I think any game in the Premier League is tough, regardless

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